I’m Luis Bustamante, media artist working in Berlin. Beyond my work in motion design, I’m also interested to work in film, think about the use of technology, and collaborate with other artists.

Some of my most personal projects have involved coding and electronics, but I took a long break and found myself working in motion intensively. Currently expecting to find Projects in hybrid formats and/or possibly involving interesting technological challenges.


Concept art and 3D animation and rendering. Decent modelling knowledge, but I prefer towork with delivered assets. VFX and complex compositing in AE were my starting set of skills, that I still use in reduced doses nowadays.

Production software: Cinema 4D, AE /Adobe Suite, Houdini.

Renderers: Redshift, Octane, Corona, C4D standard.

Coding: Enough Java to write my own Processing libraries, Javascript, basics of C++ and Python.