dead dancing Why there are so many “web presences” that simply disappear over time or remain forever in a single form? Why so many people including myself end up abandoning their spaces because of practical reasons? Sharing information nowadays is more about a speedy an easy-to-spot way,  writing and reading demands in fact the oposite: patience and effort, idea and concentration. Many acquaintances have ended up giving up their blogs and sites and gone twitting, myspacing or facebooking in order to save customization time and just be practical, be fast. Should I also give up?

I was recently checking a very important documentary made by Adam Curtis from the BBC in 2001. I think it’s important because it contents  hours of amazing footage and of valuable information. It is important because it presents a very complex-to-approach subject and makes it in a narrative, personal and emotive way. It is important because it tries to shock and awake, and it is important because it develops a very critical essay on our culture with a passionate tone.  Trying to go away from the enthusiastic way with which they narrate the contribution of Freud’s Theories to shape most of worlds’ mass control mechanisms, I  focused on the essentials, being these:

-There is a ruling business class with time and power to plan complex mediatic maneuvers with massive effects in the “collective unconscious”.

-Western world could be described a mass of “individualist individuals” that can be controlled by predicting their behavioral tendencies and basic instincts.

I was  not very surprised. Though in more specific segments it gives you a good mirror to channel contemporary media issues.

I was wondering if Facebook is not a glance of the culture of the self coming at its peak. Me being public, posting my life to the world, and peeping into other life’s by every possible means. Digital Identity transformed, the illusion of being someone, of appealing to others and being unique within a massive set of similar individuals. But setting a discussion about all the privacy issues and efficient communication tools given by FB is not our goal. It is, off course, a very personal problem to discern and set politics on how you manage and protect your most personal data, a byproduct of all the cool “social” tools.

So again. I was facing that decision some days ago, and thinking, that facebooking and twitting seem to be the way to go. Why to keep a site of some nature if I’d rarely post anything? Somehow because our present economy and communication flows supports this trend, I was feeling rebellious and increasingly reluctant to follow the path. Casually, while visiting facebook for an ordinary peeping-into-others session, I bumped into this: I was so moved by the initiative, that I just went on for the ritual and then I got a cute facebook obituary.

Been 4 days in this “new” better life after dead and I’m still ok. Sofar I think it’s entirely possible to go back to email and reduce my screen hours per day while spending more time in writing and doing personal stuff. Simbolically this is the first post in months and the re-start of a more prolific digital routine. Let’s see where this leads to