Satelistica en Bogotá

La pregunta más esperada y que inevitablemente llega, sobre todo en un contexto como el colombiano es: ¿Para qué sirve seguir, o perseguir satélites? Al recibirla en vivo, siempre es

Voodoo revisited

One of the most influential Religions in Western Culture is Voodoo. Not really at a spiritual level or because of its number of adepts. It is more a whisper that

Deep North Gone

Difficult to write in situ within a festival that inmerses you day and night into intense mental and physical activity. Exhibition, club, conference, walk over the Reichstag 10 times a

First impressions

Yesterday the Transmediale.09  was oficially opened under the name Deep North. The first thing I saw was a cook frying integrated circuits covered with a mix of eggs and Silica

Globalized Dziga

Transmediale is about to begin this weekend, and once again, I’m kind of not so well informed about it. I went then to give a rather fast look at the

Disecando historias de amor

Soy yo el sleeping bag de mi alma? Es un trabajo en paralelo con Ana María Gómez, Psicóloga de la Universidad Javeriana e investigadora en la FU de Berlín. La

love love love

From the 18th of December, the exhibition “¿Y el amor cómo va?” (How’s love doing?), will open in Bogota, Colombia, at the Galeria Santa Fe (website in spanish). Presented as

“Notation” in Berlin

“Acaso hay algun escrito que funde el mundo y no sea el libro?” Umberto Eco, El pendulo de Focault Last weekend at the ADK (Akademie der Künste) Berlin, the exhibition

Exhibitions and GUI’s

An old Project that’s worth to be presented here: it was developed at the ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany), where I did an Internship in the mindframes exhibition. The main objective