love love love

From the 18th of December, the exhibition “¿Y el amor cómo va?” (How’s love doing?), will open in Bogota, Colombia, at the Galeria Santa Fe (website in spanish). Presented as a “reprise” of another exhibition made in Paris in 2006 (L’amour, comment ça va?), this one expects to find different artistic views that reflect on how love is confronted and understood under the current social and cultural circumstances. As society is driven by uncertainty, individuality and imposed desire ideals, sexual complexity has been inserted in social schemes thanks to queer struggle and reinterpretation of genre, biochemistry and psychology have rendered it possible to understand the chemical reactions that lead humans to experiment that feeling. Is love possible at all? how do we approach this question? The change of cultural and Geographic Context, is expected to represent drastically different perspectives to those of the Parisian instance.

One of the differences that becomes apparent at a first sight, is that, while the French Version was almost completely photography-oriented, the Colombian one gets to show some Video and Installations, as I’ve heard from the curators. Furthermore, all artists are exclusively Colombian and the space is a rather important art center of the City.

More infos and Visual Material of my own’s and other’s contributions will be posted after the opening.