Serendipity as the way of the observer

“You were right. Any fact becomes important when it’s connected to another. The connection changes the perspective; it leads you to think that every detail of the world, every voice,



A very long and challenging animation for an educational video-production company based in Berlin. The animation features some of the most important definitions about Biodiversity, its relevance an the way

Bi(ne)rds Within

—ENGLISH version below— El video explica la idea base del proyecto realizado, o comenzado, en Junio en el Medialab Prado, el cual “usa una arquitectura de 3D Audio en la

So, the grid starts blossoming… a time to remember

Up to this stage of our century we’ve been thouroughly pursuing, embracing or simply reacting to models that once before were commonly approached as science fiction, Myths that were produced

Compositing a horror sequence

Don’t need to say much. Just didn’t want to forget about it. Even though japanese were not the first ones to wonder about the uncanny dimensions of electricity, it seems

Voodoo revisited

One of the most influential Religions in Western Culture is Voodoo. Not really at a spiritual level or because of its number of adepts. It is more a whisper that


Giving a new look at the Coltan Wars and their unbearable ciphers in human life costs, suddenly the whole mythology of cybernetics seemed to be embodied and localized all over

Deep North Gone

Difficult to write in situ within a festival that inmerses you day and night into intense mental and physical activity. Exhibition, club, conference, walk over the Reichstag 10 times a

First impressions

Yesterday the Transmediale.09  was oficially opened under the name Deep North. The first thing I saw was a cook frying integrated circuits covered with a mix of eggs and Silica

Globalized Dziga

Transmediale is about to begin this weekend, and once again, I’m kind of not so well informed about it. I went then to give a rather fast look at the

love love love

From the 18th of December, the exhibition “¿Y el amor cómo va?” (How’s love doing?), will open in Bogota, Colombia, at the Galeria Santa Fe (website in spanish). Presented as


Lukas Vojir made a site where you can publish your own freaky Creatures done with Processing. If you’ve ever played with or done something with this programming environment, then it’s

Augmented cellphone

This interactive Wall is part of my Thesis for the Master I just completed. It explores the advantages of using visualization techniques to generate multiuser interactivity with a complex set

The Hills have eyes

On 1977 Wes Craven released his second film, where a family of mutants capture, torture and dismember everyone who unluckily pass by their house on the hills. The slasher genre

Exhibitions and GUI’s

An old Project that’s worth to be presented here: it was developed at the ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany), where I did an Internship in the mindframes exhibition. The main objective