Augmented cellphone

This interactive Wall is part of my Thesis for the Master I just completed. It explores the advantages of using visualization techniques to generate multiuser interactivity with a complex set of data in real space. In other words, it is a data visualization displayed on a wall, with which different users can interact simultaneously through their mobile phones and movements around the space. The data to be visualized are messages from other users and it acts in the first instance as a message board, where people can add and retrieve messages in a playful and simple fashion.

The interface was programmed in Java-Processing ( and it is entirely code-generated. A small java Midlet was programmed in the mobile version of the same language ( in order to be installed in the users’ mobile phones and allow communication between devices. It uses bluetooth to communicate between cellphones and the main application. The installation also uses cameras to track location of the users and react according to the position of each one of them.