Mugre: dos Cables

A videoclip conceived and produced for the colombian band Mugre. The story about a twisted science project by an obscure child and his friends in an abandoned city gives face


reel 2014

LB_REEL_2014 from Protonumerique on Vimeo. Breakdown   00:16. Netzausbau Design, illustration, animation. client:     00:18 Biodiversität Infoclip Design, illustration, animation. client:   00:33 SU Hotel Motion Design,



This Project has been online for a while and is lacking some sharing on social platforms. It was a good deal of Design challenges together and I had to pretty


Sat spotting machine

Using satelistica to “audify” and visualize the sky A green-laser cannon built with electronics from the store and visuals programmed while flying to Colombia made up a single but memorable



This project was awarded a VIDA 15.0 incentive and it’s under production. An autonomous bunch of hovering bots is launched within a city or an interior space. They explore their



A very long and challenging animation for an educational video-production company based in Berlin. The animation features some of the most important definitions about Biodiversity, its relevance an the way

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water organism from Protonumerique on Vimeo. The first of a series of animated sequences based on loose drawings from my sketchbook. Playing with particles and sketchy renders to produce organic


showreel 2012

2012, 2:00 min, please watch in HD Credits: music Digidança by Active stepper 00:00 – 00:08 Generative visuals made in processing Performed at Fusion Festival 2012 00:08 – 00:15



learning about and sharing satellite tracking tools Satelistica is developed as an online project and all relevant information is to be found on the site



a project aiming to examine the existing data sources about the distribution of violence in colombia A small set of screenshots of a demo I wrote for the periscopio project.


birds within

First approach to satellite tracking within a sound installation The project uses a 3D audio architecture which allows different sound loops or tones to be assigned to digital representations of


SU hotel

Client: Design Hotels Agency: Omstudios Motion design, 3D, Animation.


Eccleston square

Client: Design Hotels Agency: Omstudios Motion design, Animation.


FIFA e-activity report

Client: FIFA Agency: Medienfabrik Motion design for the opening clips of the e-activity report site. Compositing of real actors on footage


la maison champs elysees

la maison in youtube Client: Design Hotels Agency: Omstudios Motion design, animation and grading for promotional clip


kitzhof hotel

kitzhof in youtube Client: Design Hotels Agency: Omstudios Motion design, animation and grading for promotional clip


shadows in the distance: intro titles

Client: Orlando Bosch Concept, Art direction, Motion design. The titles of this independent film required to be simple and clear but with a visual play subtle enough to introduce the



volkswagen group night paris Client: Volkswagen Agency: United Visions Compositing of real actors on animated sequences, Motion design, Animation. Visuals for the annual show of Volkswagen in 2010. The Composition

Disecando historias de amor

Soy yo el sleeping bag de mi alma? Es un trabajo en paralelo con Ana María Gómez, Psicóloga de la Universidad Javeriana e investigadora en la FU de Berlín. La

Bi(ne)rds Within

—ENGLISH version below— El video explica la idea base del proyecto realizado, o comenzado, en Junio en el Medialab Prado, el cual “usa una arquitectura de 3D Audio en la

love love love

From the 18th of December, the exhibition “¿Y el amor cómo va?” (How’s love doing?), will open in Bogota, Colombia, at the Galeria Santa Fe (website in spanish). Presented as


Lukas Vojir made a site where you can publish your own freaky Creatures done with Processing. If you’ve ever played with or done something with this programming environment, then it’s

Augmented cellphone

This interactive Wall is part of my Thesis for the Master I just completed. It explores the advantages of using visualization techniques to generate multiuser interactivity with a complex set

Exhibitions and GUI’s

An old Project that’s worth to be presented here: it was developed at the ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany), where I did an Internship in the mindframes exhibition. The main objective